2017-2018 Editorial Staff


Carl Christian Abrahamsen studies philosophy at the University of Toronto. He is particularly interested in questions surrounding translation and the metaphysics of representations. His poetry has been published in Acta Victoriana, the Northern Appeal, and the Trinity Review.

Eleanor Lazarova is a fourth-year English and Philosophy student at the University of Toronto.

Design Editor: 

Lina Wu is an illustrator studying at OCAD U in Toronto, Ontario. She loves telling stories through comics, zines, experimental games and other imagery.

Associate Editors: 

Amanda Ghazale Aziz is a writer, performer, and an English and Equity student. Her work has been published in Maclean’s, FLARE, NOW Toronto, and Chatelaine, among others. She is the second place winner of The Word On The Street’s 2017 Writing DiverCity Awards for her short story, “Miim.” Give her a seedless orange and she’ll call you a friend.

Rachel Bannerman is a second year student at UofT studying Ethics, Society, and Law; Drama, and Indigenous Studies. She is an avid reader and lover of poetry and is thrilled to once again be working on Acta.

Tristian Lee-Hyman is a fourth year student doing a specialist in Literature and Critical Theory and a minor in Italian.

Maia Kachan is a third year student at Victoria College studying English, Equity Studies and Sexual Diversity Studies. She loves modernism, the New York Times Modern Love column and crying about good poetry. Her first chapbook, on Growing Old, was published by Grey Borders Books in May 2017, and she’s had individual work published in other small Canadian literary journals. She was also a featured author at Pride Toronto 2017 as part of their Proud Voices series. She especially loves canonical authors like Virginia Woolf and Emily Dickinson, and newer ones like Kayla Czaga and Kai Cheng Thom, Maia is interested in work that examines concepts of form and content, as well as working with the current sociopolitical structure of the world in 2018.

Sanghoon Oh is a first-year student at the University of Toronto. Raised in South Korea, Richmond Hill and California, his interest in writing grew after attending the California State Summer School for the Arts for creative writing. His literary interests include the likes of Sara Teasdale, Yun Dong Ju, Sylvia Plath and David Foster Wallace.

Harrison Wade is an English and Cinema Studies major. Originally from the Greater Vancouver area, he has an interest in film criticism and any kind of experimental poetry.

Sanna Wani is a poet and student at the University of Toronto, studying Astrophysics and Religion. Her work is featured in the Manifest Station, the Northern Appeal, and the upcoming issue of the UC Review. She loves the work of Heather Christle, Asiya Wadud and Warsan Shire.

Sofia Ivannikova majored in Philosophy, English, and Film at UofT, emerging with a fixation on aesthetic theory/practice. She formulates infinitely ongoing projects with the dream of realizing her vision in forms not limited to /image-music-text/ multi-medial experiences.

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