2018-2019 Editorial Staff


Maia Kachan is a student and writer living in Toronto.  She has a chapbook (On Growing Old, Grey Borders Books 2017) and some poems floating around the Canadian literary world. Her first full length collection is forthcoming in Fall 2019. Maia loves being a barista, everything queer, summertime, and sob-worthy poetry & prose.

Sanna Wani lives in Toronto. She studies religion and loves daisies. Her work is featured in Cosmonauts Avenue, The Puritan, and Peach Mag.

Design Editor:

Lina Wu is an artist, illustrator, game developer and zinester based in Toronto. She is currently majoring in illustration at OCAD. Lina prefers to include narrative and storytelling in her artwork, and has produced many zines such as Sleepwalker and For Girls Who Cry Often. She also loves to explore different mediums to tell stories through such as experimental game design, poetry, comics and mixed media. You can talk to her about shojo manga or fancy desserts.

Associate Editors:

Rachel Bannerman is a third year student studying Ethics, Society, and Law; Drama; and Indigenous Studies. She has a deep and fervent love for poetry of all kinds, and is thrilled to join Acta for her third year as an Associate Editor. She is an award-winning slam poet, and her written works have been featured in performance and gallery art displays through Toronto and Niagara, as well as published in Inkling, Home Anthologies,and The Empowerment Project. Her favorite poem will always be the one she reads next, and she can't wait to find so many new favorites in the fantastic pieces of Acta this year!


Marco Istasy is a student of neuroscience, psychology & indolence at the University of Toronto & an off-time poet, writer & inchoate aesthete.

Vivian Li is an aspiring writer, musician, and inventor. Her creative works have been published or are forthcoming in magazines such as The Window, Young Voices Magazine, The Spectatorial, and ellipsis… literature & art. Her first poetry chapbook will be out in late fall, and she has finished writing a speculative short story collection. She is also currently seriously editing (and rewriting) her novel. You can reach her @eliktherain.

Quinn Lui is a Chinese-Canadian, Toronto-based student and writer who can often be found loitering in a bookstore, spending too much money on bubble tea, or picking flowers at odd hours. Quinn's work has appeared in various publications, such as Synaesthesia Magazine, Occulum, and TERSE Journal, as well as in the micro-chapbook teething season for new skin (L'Éphémère Review, 2018)."

Marina Nicholson is a writer and a student of English and Art History. Her particular areas of interest are bridal mysticism and the rhetorics of ecstasy and possession.

Harrison Wade is a writer and student living in Toronto. His work has been published in The Trinity Review, Half a Grapefruit Magazine, and Goose. He is also the Arts & Culture editor at The Strand. You can find him @harrison_e_wade.