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Associate Editor Application: Acta Victoriana 143, 2018-2019

For upper year students (2nd year or above): please submit your completed application forms to by 11:59 pm on September 12th, 2018. For first year students: please submit your completed application forms to by 11:59 pm on September 15th, 2018






Year of Study:


Please answer the following questions in 200 words or less, unless otherwise specified.


  1. Describe any previous experience you feel is relevant to the position.
  2. Working on Acta Victoriana’s editorial board requires the ability to balance asserting one’s own opinions on material, with being both receptive to other people’s opinions and respecting the integrity of the author. Please comment on how you feel you could work within the parameters of our board.
  3. Tell us about the best piece of poetry or short fiction you’ve read this year.
  4. What makes a text bad to you? What are your literary ‘deal breakers’?
  5. What do you see as the difference between prose and poetry?
  6. Select a text from Acta Victoriana 142.1 or 142.2. Would you have included it in the journal? Give an argument for or against its inclusion. Please limit your responses to 350 words. Past issues can be found on the website (, at the VUSAC office or in front of the Student Publications Office, both in the Goldring Students Centre at 150 Charles Street. If you are still unable to access copies, please email us at and we can provide you with them.


In addition, you are welcome to include up to three pieces of original poetry or one piece of prose in your application. This is not a requirement or official submission, but merely an option to give us a better sense of who you are as a writer. Writing creatively is not a requirement for being on AV 143’s editorial board, and is included simply as a way for us to learn more about you!


The second part of the application process consists of a brief (15-20 minute) interview that will take place the week of September 17th. Please fill out the following form with your interview availability: Applicants who are offered an interview will be contacted with a date, time and location by September 16th, 2018. All applicants will be informed of the status of their application, and the interview location will be accessible.


Acta Victoriana is committed to fostering a diverse and equitable environment. If you require any accommodations during our application process, please reach out to .