Photograph: “Window Reflections” by Sadia Awan. – Two friends are stopped by a man on a bike. He asks for help. The friends don’t stop at first. They are on their way to a show. One of the friends knows the lead singer of the opening band from Instagram. They say the band’s alright. The

Below the Peach Tree

A mewling cry blooms, disturbs the amniotic night ripples in the gloaming sea wax, wane, and surge pulled by the blue moon in sky It is that time of night when mischief is afoot when old magic stirs and reason runs amok Hush! A child is born, swaddled in fur and kindness a peasant mother

I, Trust

short story by Yvonne Nguyen / art by Cleopatria Peterson Author’s Note: It was on the trail end of the school term when I wrote I, Trust. I had spent those three months in a haze of weariness and discontentment and around finals, I found myself sitting in my bed, furiously typing this piece into


watercolor by Clara Lynas, two poems by Emily Grenon – Incomplete Do you know that feeling that swells up in your chest, and it kind of feels like gas, but it’s an emotional gas? Isn’t that a terrible metaphor? Simile. What the fuck ever. It’s the feeling when you want to feel something, but you don’t know what, and you can’t do

In Their Small Faces

image by Emma Doerksen, from the cover of AV 141. – We’re so excited to present Acta’s (possible first ever!) publishing of creative non-fiction! This simple and beautiful prose piece by Sarah Bigham looks deeply into how homes function, intergenerational family effects and challenges that follow you around many years after they are over. –

Pompeii again

Untitled by Alessia Disimino – “unattainable the head but / how important a high / hungry sleep.” – Emmy’s work surges forward but leaves space: her voice is humble, quiet, but also: hungry, shattering and risen. We cannot express how excited we are to publish “Pompeii again” by Emmy and Untitled, a painting by Alessia Dismino from

Solipsism, for two & Elpenor, to an audience

Untitled by Hannah Beveridge – “I want to ask you what your water tastes like today: / set my watch to the rising of the sun.” Carl (EIC of Acta 142!) astounds us this week with two beautiful and strangely devastating poems: on pigeons, unsteady trees, a duty to the underworld. On a question, a lie,

this is yellow

Art: like before this one by Nikki Watson. Soft and splendid, this poem reads like a bit like a stray thought. A simple request, the meeting of fruit, and: what is yellow, what is blue? These are all things stirred in us through Malcolm Sanger’s beautiful poem, originally featured in AV 140. We find it


Art: Uncertainty #2 by Haley Currie. – This week we have stunning visual art and poetry by Haley Currie and Harrison Wade, respectively. Haley’s art, originally featured in AV 139.1, brings us to feelings of almost knowing what we see, but finding uncertainty sweeter. Harrison’s visual poetry, wane, is a dual: two poems, side-by-side, emerging out of common

5 / Wands // The Devil

Visual: Ice Storm by Martina Bellisario. – “the look of hunger / or fear / (fear of admitting vulnerability or defending it / is also a hunger).” “5 / Wands // The Devil”, a poem by Margaryta Golovchenko, speaks to a purple that is not just purple and wishes to speak without being named. Her