Antonia Alksnis’ “Republic” impressed us in AV 142.2 with it’s smooth, delightful prose speckled with pointed references to Plato’s Republic in both form and content. Carl Christian Abrahamsen, our most recent Editor-in-Chief, had this to say on Alksnis’ piece: Antonia Alksnis’ piece is a poetic reading of a single sentence: the opening of Plato’s Republic,

The Book of Life

Elliston, NF by Victoria Butler – “Even a natural disaster can’t shake off / the disaster that is love, a woundedness that won’t let you skulk away.” Isabelle Zhu tackles subjects of time, love, nostalgia and an innovative use of a classic literary canon in her references to Noah’s Ark. We’re so excited to republish

Blowing Bubbles With My Pregnant Daughter

Featured Image: untitled by Mithila Rajavel. Cartwheeling through the sky and holding our wombs like bubble wands, Amy Kalbun’s short prose piece gives the reader fantastical material to work with, to imagine ourselves as mothers, as daughters, as pregnant, as growing. We’re so honoured to have Amy’s piece and Mithila’s photo featured with us, and we

A Love Letter for Annie Dillard

Featured Image: untitled, Nazanin Zarepour. – Emily Powers’ poem is a thick look– a dipping of your hand– into something almost gold. In just two three-line stanzas, she takes us to Louisiana and back, full of mixed regret. We are so honored to republish this piece on our blog (originally featured in issue 141). We also recommend

Boy; or Oysters

Untitled, Mithila Rajavel – “Like a lily at dawn / would bend to dew.” Fan’s beautiful poem, published in AV 140.1, uses innovative language, themes and form to create a comparison between intimacy and the natural world. Fan is an (incredibly talented) regular in Toronto literary circles, and we’re so happy that his work has

An Entrancement of Earrings: (Sea Glass Earrings)

Today we have a stunning set of photography and writing by Suzannah V. Evans. The photographs included is entitled ‘Creel’ (featured image) and ‘Line of birds’ (below). Suzannah’s surrealist fiction is a conversation between two pieces of sea glass that eventually become earrings: there is a green tint to this thoughtful piece that layers feelings

Dementia, Do your Worst

Featured image: Untitled, Hio Fae. Hio Fae impressed us in “Dementia, Do your Worst” with her evocative language, masterful use of enjambment and a poignant finality that comes from a delicate attempt at a difficult subject matter. Look forward to new work and some of our favourite past poems from the AV Blog every Wednesday

Ink Pad Poem 1 & two evenings parallel to one salt-baked fish

Editor’s Note: Hello and welcome to Acta’s first blog post in five (5!!!) years!  We are so excited to relaunch (and grow!) this platform. Our pilot post is by two artists we know and love from our Winter 2018 issue, Terry Abrahams (his blog and his twitter) and Sacha Archer (his blog and his small

Acta Recommends: Q Space on College

Walking into Q Space on a weekday, you can expect to see almost anything: a guy Skyping with his girlfriend, a heated discussion on how best to organize a group concert, poets setting up for their reading later in the evening, students typing away busily at their Macbooks. In the tradition of Europe’s betahaus and Toronto’s Centre

Acta Selection Meeting LIVE Blog

  11:44 I run into a room on the third floor of Victoria College. I am late, but I have brought a chocolate cake and I am therefore forgiven. We take our seats and plan to persevere. What we do is print all of our submissions in a big thick book, where they are anonymized.