Pompeii again

Untitled by Alessia Disimino


"unattainable the head but / how important a high / hungry sleep."


Emmy's work surges forward but leaves space: her voice is humble, quiet, but also: hungry, shattering and risen. We cannot express how excited we are to publish "Pompeii again" by Emmy and Untitled, a painting by Alessia Dismino from issue 142.1. Emmy's poem "She        Mosquito" was published in AV 142.2.


left are
many cities     must be
years more

unattainable the head but
how important a high
hungry sleep

alone the
dream ssummer and
mmmmyself meant
oooooof whose approval

Salamun a sizzling
father holds my roof
to great rain llllisten listen
great fun it is
cccccccaterwauling we find
wwe are eating aaaaall fruits and
wPompeii again



Emmy Fu is a writer living in Toronto and a former editor of the Trinity Review.

Alessia Disimino is a professional violinist based in Toronto. She is the co-founder of the Bedford Trio, concertmaster of the North York Concert Orchestra, and founder of the North York String Academy. She is a graduate of the Master of Music in Violin Performance program at the University of Toronto, where she also obtained her Bachelor of Music in Performance with a Minor in English. Alessia’s passion lies in the arts and in community engagement, and she is also active as a poet and painter.